Monthly recorded sounds & instruments.
Production feedback for your music from pros.
Music business & marketing guidance.

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Production Advisor Tool

The only way to become a better producer is to do it rhythmically and get feedback from another professional. 

Send 1 track every month through dashboard to get feedback on mix, composition and overall production from pros.

Sound Bag Every Month

Recording based, unique sounds and instruments from our studio together with toolboxes from our community members.

Get Music Business Tips.


Love being a part of this community, inspires me every month with new sounds and pressures me to make music!
James Dean
I get feedback for my music every month and my production skills are pushed to improve in the last 3 months, thank u!
Katrina Dama
Film Professional
Our friends and collaborators at Fume not only offer cutting edge sound but an authentic community of music lovers and professionals!
Rast Sound
Sample Library Developer


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