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Feedback Example

Technical Review

When vocal is present, it should be higher in volume and more defined.

For example, before 1:45 synth and vocal are racing for attention (not enough level contrast) which makes it hard to focus for the listener, after this time we maintain focus as elements get less, volume and EQ separation becomes obvious.

To prevent this you can lower the synth volume and pan it when the vocal is present, you can further try to cut some overlapping frequencies.

Drum hi’s (including rides and kick hi) are generally less defined and less compressed which makes the drum mix lack definition and better blend. For example drum hi’s entering the mix at 1:26.

Bass hi can be cut 2 to 3db’s as it makes it harder to separate synth and vocal.

Vocal timings (edits) and tuning can be improved.

Artistic Review

The track has a driving, positive energy (very good). The vibe is original, we could call it nu-pop more than dnb but the artistic value is strong.

Breaks are well designed, the track breathes enough. The contrast between breaks and beat parts may be increased with the drum hi definition discussed in technical part. Listening to similar successful final mixes may help.

The track may finish around 3:50 as well as making it to end, both might work but in music generally less is more (something to think about).