Is there a monthly membership ?

No, we are not planning to have a monthly membership. We think relationships are built over a certain time and we will provide 10X value within a year so you will not ask this question anymore.

How referrals work?

Our referral approach is inclusive, you refer a friend with a discount code only for them and if they subscribe, you earn 10 Euros. If you refer 5 or more people, aside from using as a store credit, we pay you cash 50 Euros. 

What is inside monthly downloads ?

Sounds, instruments and deals are delivered to your account every month, all royalty free forever. We generally add little surprises as well, to make it feel like more than life *)

Can't see a contest now, why ?

Contests are designed, conceptualised and then opened to members, only to members. If you are not seeing one now, soon you will receive a new contest notification.

We would love to help.